Monday, November 30, 2015

Simply, The Godly Bread

There is a Subway Restaurant at my Office building. Every morning when I pass by, the aroma of freshly baked bread greets my nostrils and flirts with my taste buds. The experience is exuberating.

As a curious man, I am tempted to go deep and see how this delicious and tongue tingling food is made. Here it is... You take some rich flour and kneed it into a loose dough by mixing water, salt, sugar and yeast. Let the yeast make merry and ferment the dough and then place it in a preheated oven. Wait for some time... Lo! the mouth watering aroma will start emanating and finally the golden brown crusted tasty bread.

The magic ingredient of the recipe is YEAST. Yeast is nothing but fungus/ bacteria. As the yeast consumes the nutrients in dough it produces CO2 which forms pockets of air within and fluffs the dough. In the fermentation process nutrients are broken down into smaller (but over-stretched) and more flavoured and tastier substances.

To our joy, the colonies and civilisations of yeast are wiped out at their acme every morning as they bake in earthen ovens across the earth. Yet, the yeast learns no lesson. It consumes, grows and multiplies in the dough pans as if it were in an infinite resource. Its end is sealed in its DNA. It is destined to be annihilated one way or the other.  

I pity poor yeast. But soon this pity turns into self pity. Our role on earth is nothing more than that of yeast. To the joy of hungry God, the global dough has now well risen and ready to go in hot oven.  Aroma of freshly baked bread will hit God's nostrils soon and will be received by his olfactory receptors to titillate his taste buds.

OMG!, Bon Appetite! We can feel the heat.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I want to break free

Each night I think of meditating to come out of the egg. I am told there is a limitless and a timeless paradise waiting to welcome me outside. But then a worrisome thought flashes, what would happen to Mr. S K Jain's cosy little white & yellow world? How on earth could I just walk out of a life which promises me the wealth of Bill Gates and fame of a Michael Jackson or an Amitabh Bachchan; and all that fun that I have with my family and friends. How could I just disown the name and fame associated with me. Despite all of limitations and woes here I can't think of a life beyond this shell. I can't see the beginning or an end of this shell. For me, this is my infinite and only world. Somebody tells me once I come out I will have wings and will be able to fly and I would be able to lay eggs and create universe for creatures like me myself. What rubbish! I don't really believe it. I am comfortable here

Slowly and gradually, I slip out of the dilemma and return back to the daily grind of past and future tense. I love the relativity of  my real world where S K Jain is the centre of attraction and a happening place. Even if true, singularity sounds like a boring proposition.

But given an option, a chick would never go back in an egg or for that matter for me mother's womb is a capital NO!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Memory, Logic & Time

Time is a derivative of change.

The other day while chatting with my learned friend, Deepak Rathore of Thilio Technologies, Deepak said that to him the genesis of time was in memory.

Hmmm..., a very apt observation. A frame in absence of any previous event becomes a timeless still frame. And as soon as you introduce a frame from the archives to it the things start moving and clock starts ticking. The science of animation...

Elaborating on the concept, there are other aspects to time viz. spatial change and logic. e.g. if we are looking at sun in the sky for few seconds it will not impart any sense of time but if a moving cloud is added to the scene at the same time, the time will start flying.

Now Lets take the example of a frame consisting of a classroom followed by another frame showing a vast sea. Our mind will not be able to relate the two events and we will perceive the two frames as stills. Hence, to experience time, the two events should be logically relevant and related. However, the logic is built upon our past experiences hence it is also a product of memory. Therefore, we can say memory holds the key to time.

Ref. my blog, The Quantum Twist:, I observed that physically time is electromagnetic in nature. Well, it seems I am in perfect sync with my friend since physically memory is also electromagnetic in nature. 

Corollary: Time is a trait of finite relativity. For singularity its just an endless dash(instance).

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Beauty of Imperfect World

While the definite 0 & 1 probabilities are reserved with Singularity, our universe supports all the non-definite probabilities between 0 & 1. A polite 'may be' squeezed between rude Yes & No. And that makes our world an interesting place to live, full of hope... 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Jain Ban

Anekantvad is the corner  stone of Jainism.
Anekantvad is a corollary of the idea that this universe is just an illusion where the truth (the soul) has been taken for a ride by the lie in the form of body and desires.
The objective is to alienate the truth from the lie. The first step to achieve this objective is to identify the two entities clearly.  Having identified that everything physical or pertaining to our sensory perception is a lie or an illusion in this universe, how on earth could anyone be right in asserting self or any idea pertaining to the illusion to be true?
Just like the theory of relativity in physics, our convictions are purely relative and frame & view oriented. Just like the electric and electronic equipments around us behave differently and return different output upon subjection to a common source of power, we all are designed to perceive and react differently to an event or source. Having acknowledged this, fans rotate, music systems sing, TVs display pics, bulbs and tubes light up our life. All of them perform in their own way without ever questioning other's way of life. This is Anekantvad...
However, man has been attributed with some extra qualities. The most illustrious of them all being the EGO. Each man is stuffed with  loads of ego which prevents him from doing his own job but prompts him to find faults and assert self over others. Knowing the truth but blinded by the ego, man never sees the truth in his lifetime. He spends his whole life chasing mirage at mach-2.
So, Jains, mind your own business. Don't make a chair out of  knife. You will end up with a bloody ass. 

Friday, September 04, 2015

Quantum Twist

Complexity is the daughter of  fear. The nature has nothing to fear about. Therefore it is not as complex as man makes out of it. The mathematics is the language of God but most of us do not understand it. However, it is not important to know the language as long as we could use an interphase of logic. Normal human brain is well equipped to process data using simple logic.

The nature follows some simple and basic principles. These principles have been conveyed to the mankind by some great but simple people from time to time. From classical to quantum has been a giant leap. Philosophically, the quantum physicists suggest that our world is made up of pixels and we are multi dimensional images on a giant screen. Just like television screen, the mega screen(the universe) is swept by the singularity field (cathode ray). On the mega screen there are particles having time and space orientation.

Further..., herebelow a recap of what I understand :

The singularity Field

The singularity is an infinite, eternal, purely static field sans time or space. Hence it constantly opposes  any change brought about in its realm by exerting Gravitational and Magnetic forces.

The SpaceTime Field & Particles

  • Spacetime field is a bubble within singularity field. 
  • Each basic particle within universe(spacetime field) is a blend of space and time dimensions/orientation. (see fig)
  • For the different types of particles this blend has a different ratio of time and space orientation. i.e.. some have greater orientation toward time and some have greater space orientation. (Half or fraction spin particles as I would like to call them). This share is governed by the frequency/speed of the particle. Greater the frequency(speed) of the particle, greater the share of time. Slower or lesser the speed/frequency, greater the share of space dimension.
  • Electrons have greater time orientation (fraction or half spin particles)
  • Proton & Neutrons have more of space orientation. (fraction or half spin particles)
  • Photons are pure (100%) time particles - electromagnetic (Integer spin)
  • Higgs bosons are pure (100%) space  particles - mass (Integer spin)
  • The particles within spacetime field are constantly changing or capable of changing their position and speed by introduction of energy. 
  • While changing position, speed or state, the particles meet with resistance in the form of gravity and electro-magnetic forces exerted by the singularity field in space-time vector ratio.
  • When singularity interacts with particle's time orientation it gives rise to electo-magnetic resistance.
  • While singularity's interaction with particle's space orientation results in gravitation and mass.
Effect of change in speed on particle's orientation:
Since speed = distance/ time
  • Increasing speed by adding energy to a particle results in contraction (increase) of its space orientation and dilation (decrease) of its time orientation.
  • Decreasing speed by extracting energy from a particle results in dilation(decrease) of its space orientation and contraction (increase) of time orientation.
The Universe is a Limited Co.
The particles in this universe are bound by the flwg two limits:
  • Speed of  Light (Maximum Energy state)
  • Absolute  Zero Speed (Least Energy state) 
Particle at Absolute Zero Speed
On way to Absolute Zero particles lose energy & speed. Hence they have dilating space dimension and contracting time orientation therefore:
  • Time orientation of all particles including proton and neutrons with in an atom will increase. ie even protons or neutrons will behave like electrons near the limit.
  • The singularity will exert more magnetic force on them and hence strong electro-magnetic forces will be experienced
  • Very low or no Gravity.
  • Minimum heat Energy
  • Creation of  Boson condensate  (E = MC^2)
  • Experience of strong electro magnetic force.
Explains: Boson condensate ( 100% time spin matter)/ super conductivity (even protons behave like electrons)/ super fluidity (low or no Gravity & same orientation).

Particle at Speed of Light
On way to speed of light, particles gain energy and speed. Hence they experience contracting space dimension and dilating time orientation therefore::
  • Space orientation of all particles including electrons with in an atom will increase. ie even electrons will behave like protons or neutrons.
  • Thus the singularity will exert very strong gravitational force on the particles and hence a very strong gravity will be experienced
  • No or largely reduced Magnetic field
  • Creation of Higgs Boson (M = E/C^2)
  • Experience of infinite gravitational force.

Beyond the limits of the spacetime field, there is sudden death of time or space as both the quantities can not exist independently without the other. And there remains the infinite, eternal & boring singularity alone.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Sallekhana - The Way to Go!

Sallekhana(santhara) is a practice in Jainism, where after discharging ones duties in life, one stops being a consumer and goes into deep meditation until death.  You may call it total voluntary retirement from consumerism in favour of spiritualism. It is akin to euthanasia in terms of the final result but not in methodology or philosophy.

The very core idea behind Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism is that the soul is part of God which never dies but keeps changing body by virtue of repeated births (role palying) and this material world is just an illusion. Influenced by this core idea, the philosophy behind santhara is to get ready for the life after successfully completing the present term. It is like preparing  soul for the next level. The idea is not to kill self but self realization, in which the soul finally overcomes bodily senses and worldly illusion. Its a celebration to usher a new beginning in quest for the truth.

The first emperor of India, Chandragupta Maurya observed Sallekhana before his death. I think it should be made mandatory after the age of 80 (preferably 70... preferably 60...)

Monday, April 20, 2015

Dev Shastra Guru - Pt. Jugal Kishoreji - Translation

My thousand salutes to the Gurus who have attained complete knowledge (Kewal gyaan).

Now coming back to self, under the spell of five worldly senses I am enjoying the poison of this unreal and delusive world and I am unable to cast off from the witchcraft of the non-living. Not able to see my own greatness, I am totally obsessed by this grand illusion. Oh God! Lift curtain from this illusion.

I know, my body and me are two immiscible entities like oil and water. Both have separate sets of attributes.  But  infatuated, I have surrendered the power of judgement to the guile and acquired the attributes of non-living. Fallen to the sham, my term has extended  in this delusory world by the way of repeated births and deaths. Oh Lord! I am sorry for my misjudgement. Give me some sensibility.

Unfavourable and sad moments drive me away from this delusion at times, but then come the moments of joy and fun enticing me back into the unreal world. Oh Lord! Pull me out of this fragile bubble.

Equality or singularity is my true nature. There is no impurity in me hence no bias. But the truth has shattered into several lies.   Oh Lord! Give me my stability and oneness back.

I have fulfilled numerous temptations and desires, yet I remain unsatisfied. My greed is like a bottomless well. Oh Lord! Today I have come to taste the joy of satisfaction.

I always thought that worldly lamp was the true source of light, which is blown away by the slightest gust of wind. Oh Lord! I have come to light my inner lamp perpetually.

I was always under the illusion that my actions were controlled by others and it was others who made me love or hate them. Oh Lord! Today I have come to disengage my self from others.

I can't keep my possessions with me for long. And the fear of losing them keeps me stressed constantly. Oh Lord! by nature I am a cool and free person. Break me free from my attachments.

Oh Lord! I will bust the sensory illusion and rise above the worldly feelings to get in the state of perpetual happiness by meditation. I will see the ultimate truth and feel the absolute strength. Yes, my lord! I will merge in you one day. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Why can't there be a Single Theory of Everything...

I think, Einstein's General Theory of Relativity was a comprehensive theory as far as matter is concerned. But he could not explain the behaviour of imps like sub atomic particles, electrons or photons with this theory. Hence the rise of quantum physics.

However, Einstein and other scientists are fundamentally wrong when they try explain the two with a single theory. Quantum physicists have been quite close in their general explanation regarding the electrons. But with all sorts of contradictions and uncertainty, their findings suggest, it's not science. Hence, quantum physics should be called quantum religion. The imps are not particles and they are independent of time and space dimensions. Matter(proton/neutron/quark) is physical but photons and certain sub-atomic particles are meta-physical in body and soul analogy.

Every matter, living or non-living has two entities, body and soul or consciousness as one might like to call. As we see in the case of living, the physics does not apply to soul(psyche). Similarly, behaviour of sub atomic particles can not be explained by the laws of physics.

Therefore, its a wild goose chase to find a common string of theory to tie  the two entities together. The best we can do is to extend the realm of quantum physics to quantum religion having two streams viz psychology and philosophy. Pure physics will never be able to explain these little magicians in this grand illusion.

There  is an urgent need for another religion. Did I say more blood shedding??

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

One Too Many

Last night, as usual, there was a fight between electrical appliances viz. TV, fans light bulbs etc at my house. Each denouncing others and singing its own glory. Just then the power went out and there was a serene silence in the house.

...but that silence and the darkness left me wondering, why the objects drawing life and drive out from a single source behave so differently? How would one feel if each were to merge back in the source? How the colours feel on uniting and radiating as a white beam of light? 

Before I could ponder further, the power came and my thoughts dissolved in the cacophony of the objects reborn.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Tangled In Strings

Hum log khilaune hai ek aise khiladi ke
Jisko abhi sadiyon tak ye khel rachana hai,
sansaar ki har shay ka itna fasana hai
ek dhundh se aana, hai ek dhundh me jaana hai
- Sahir Ludhiyanavi

We are toys of a player, 
who has to play this game for ages. 
The story of this world is that 
we come from nowhere and go to nowhere.

Then why all this ado. Come on inside. Lets take that ride together without greed, fear, malice or anger.

Why remain tangled in strings. Let's cut them and break-free to write our own story. Live happily and make this world a better place to live.