Thursday, October 06, 2005

Jurassic Park II

Jurassic Park II
Dinosaurs were lords of the Earth for more than 200 millions years. Their supremacy was uncontested...But 65 millions years ago, dinosaurs suddenly died. They all disappeared in a few years!
Why, only dinosaurs disappeared? when mammals, birds, insects and above all lots of reptiles stay alive! Why did dinosaurs disappear all at once?
All sorts of explanations have been made to explain dinosaurs' end- epidemic, climate change, competition with mammals volcanic explosion and the meteorite one. And lately some say, dinosaurs were too fat to move quickly to feed and fend themselves...

Personally, I don’t believe in any of the above explanations.

Humans were lords of the Earth for more than a million years. Their supremacy was uncontested...But n millions years ago, humans suddenly died. They all disappeared in a few years!

Why, only humans disappeared? when mammals, birds, insects and above all lots of monkeys stay alive! Why did humans disappear all at once?

Probably, only we would know the answer of the above. The answer would be as follows:

Humans civilization, in its progression, went through stone age, bronze age and iron age. Iron provided teeth and claws to this dinosaur in making. Towards the later part of the iron age, he found a black liquid substance, called crude oil, which proved to be an easy source of energy. There was no looking back for him after that discovery. For all his energy needs there was this answer – OIL. Oil became an integral part of his life. He started growing in size, volume, strength and speed. Using jumbo jets, mammoth ships, giant cranes and huge machines he built sky scrappers, bridges, tunnels, roads etc. He controlled climate using the same easy energy source. He also made lethal weapons and sophisticated nuclear warheads.

Now he could not think of a life without this natural resource. The ease of using this resource, resulted in its wasteful use in copious quantities. Soon, this substance became scares and came at the verge of exhaustion in the womb of mother earth.

…And this was the time, man took arms against man. There were fight for possession of oil fields. Man became man’s enemy. Third world war resulted. Nuclear warheads were used. Most of their population was wasted in this war for oil. Few remained after the war, but due to exposure to nuclear radiation these men were not able to reproduce and it was matter of time that dinosaur II, disappeared from the face of this earth…


Now, I think I have an answer for dinosaur-I’s extinction.

I guess, in their last days, they got used to some natural resource, which slowly exhausted from the earth, as oil in our case. And there was a big fight among these dinosaurs for its possession. Weaker dinosaurs were eliminated. And among the stronger dinosaurs, the weaker sex. The earth was left with similar sex dinosaurs, which could not reproduce and hence became extinct.