Monday, October 01, 2007

Let it go down the drain

We win the twenty-twenty matka(game of chance) and a billion odd asses think the world is there to kiss them. We made a big halla-gulla as if we had conquered heaven. Indra, the rain god, was the first to retaliate and make us realize our worth. Few hours of his tantrums last Friday and the constipated city sewage system puked. Dead of this ghost city had to endure hours of stinking ordeal on their way back to their respective graves(homes).
Sewage and drainage system is the foundation of the urban planning. The Indus Valley Civilization boasted the earliest known accounts of urban planning, and the ancient Indus systems of sewage and drainage that were developed and used in cities throughout the Indus Valley were far more advanced than that of contemporary urban sites in the Middle East. Probably due to excessive rain, it was imperative to have an effective system in place.
Having a head start from rest of the world, we have not only lost the advantage but today we are pushed into the most sub-human era of all times. Greedy builders are busy going vertical while lethargic and corrupt town planners are in a stupor. Existing storm valves and pipes are choked with plastic and rubber, unable to see off this higher and heavier than ever shitfall.
Today we boast ourselves as one of the fastest growing economy. Money is flowing here as never before and we see this money twinkling through a slummed and rotten canvas where, air, water and earth present ample opportunity for man to display his survival instinct.
What did you hear? Survival? Ghosts need not worry in this haunted township.