Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day


I find those attachments raw and ugly. Creator has certainly not put in much time in designing those organs.

But still the world has been obsessed with them. Loads of web pages display them full blown from every angle and in every possible pose. Millions of surfers ogle and drool over with greed. But believe me, with regards private parts God has cut a sorry figure. Everyday I see those ugly sketches on the inner doors of our apartment elevator, drawn by servants, labourers or naughty kids with limited artistic bent. Those informal compositions, displaying private parts in public lift, do put us in embarrassing situation at times.

No different, as far as basic instincts go, I took cue from the lift door and thought of expanding the objects of desire into abstraction. Finally, the canvas had a curled pink and purple petals background with a solitary green cactus with brown hue, standing tall in the middle. On Valentine's day tomorrow, the painting, a blur replica of our elevator door, will find a place on my bedroom wall.

Only if God had not done this crude injustice, hearts wouldn’t have been selling on valentine day. Cause, hearts have nothing to do with love.