Friday, October 19, 2012

Honesty is the best Politics

Religion & God were wonderful concepts for the development of mankind. But unfortunately, we saw propriety rights over these concepts claimed by Krishna & Avatar co., Mahavira & Associates, Buddha & Buddha co., Mohammed Pvt. Ltd., Jesus & sons etc.  
Non-violence, love and peace, the very core concepts and ideas of these religions were breached blatantly in in bid to claim the patent rights over God.
On the same lines..., honesty is a great concept for construction of a prosperous society. Lately we are seeing a wave of anti corruption movement in India. Well, a call of the moment. But unfortunately, its going the God's way. There is a bid to privatize the right to fight against corruption. Instead of fighting the menace together, there are different sects and clans claiming to have the sole right over fighting against corruption. Individual ambitions, aspirations and egos have clouded the beautiful core concept. The remedy is again going to become the cause.