Friday, November 19, 2010

Balloon Theory of Universe

Further to my blog of 18th May, 2007

Creation of universe
A big bang boom!!! And lo! Time, Space, Matter and Antimatter were born.

Matter and antimatter were produced in equal quantities. Both started destroying each other on contact. At this time, space-time latex divided itself into two identical balloons in a Mitosis division separating matter and ant-matter. Matter and Anti-matter got embedded in the two separate balloons respectively. And then the two balloons started inflating in different planes clear of each other.

Embedded in inflating latex of time and space(gravity), celestial bodies are merrily on their outward journey to eternity, so it seems.

Blowing balloons
The balloons are inflating, that means the space-time matrix is stretching. It further implies that in forward progression:

- space dimensions are expanding.
- time is ticking faster
- space-time curvature is flattening
- gravity is reducing due to increasing surface tension

End of Universe
Something created, must climax and end. Our world is destined to end abruptly at climax.

At some point in time the two balloons would be so overstretched that space-time warp of gravity would be so flat that it will not be able to hold matter or anti-matter. The matter will just free float on the balloon surface and will be free of gravity with respect to each other. In other words, the entire design would collapse and become a liquid mass, just to be sucked in by the blackholes. Finally, the space-time latex will burst away and matter will annihilate the entire anti-matter, leaving just the singular, lonesome energy behind.

Monday, November 08, 2010

To Sir Ken Robinson with Love

Not only the education system but the whole social structure needs to be renewed. We need to scrap the rusting goal posts at the two ends of this ground. Soccer should not be about scoring and winning but a jazzy display of speed and technique.

The eye of the problem lies in setting goals and defining standards. Our close conformity to these protocols has resulted in just bricks in the wall and a whitewashed wall. The current social system has destroyed the most essential element of life, and that is diversity. Life is becoming a stark mono-coloured canvas.

The argument for the system is, motivation. Our actions are motivated by rewards. That's why goals and standards. It would be highly impossible to motivate people in a goalless or rewardless society. And since, the reward has a relative notion attached, defined standards become an integral part of the system.

There could only be one winner. The exercise starts at conception. Out of millions, only one sperm scores in a ruthless competition. Certainly, it would take not only a paradigm shift but a major alteration in our DNA to realize Sir Ken Robinson's dream. Would somebody change the code, please?