Friday, January 23, 2009

2009 - Year of Dog

It may be the year of Ox for Chinese but for us it will be the year of Dog.

Four Golden globes (and may be a few Oscars) for this movie based on the land of breaking and building dreams called Dharavi and its people hanging on the noose of hope and shattered faith. A moment of pride for Dharavi.

...And India, as Dharavi is where India lives. It's the pillar of our modern society. Crammed with suckers, who suck the poison produce of the civilised human society, so that the city can sleep in peace and wake up fresh the next day.

Stinking like large intestines, they feel, it is an out of bound place for the outside world. Slumdog is a peep into the pipe through a hole. Guys like ABC may not be wrong when they cry obscenity. But these very guys drool over nudity and privacy of west. In clean and cosy confines of their bedrooms, they catch brunettes and blonds in the act with three legged studs. It sells hot cakes here and west has no sense of shame or reservation selling it. Now, if west has flavour and taste for our poverty porn, feed till they vomit.

For the time being let Slumdog has his day (the year too) and build his house next to ABC or ABC move next to him in Dharavi, kholi no. 420.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Raju stole a piece of butter from a shop. He was lynched by the angry mob.

Raju screwed 'em all. He was worshiped by them.

Why did people lynch Raju in the first instance?
'cause they wanted it rough.

Truth is always a big B.