Monday, September 08, 2014

Ten Commandments In Jainism

Uttam Kshama:  Forgiveness is a clutch paddle. Use it to quickly disengage from unnecessary argument or dispute.

Uttam Aarjav: Let mind, speech & actions be in a linear sync.

Uttam Mardav : Treat all at par.

Uttam Shauch:  Karmanev adhikarste ma faleshu kadachan - Our actions must be duty or goal bound and not reward oriented. Stay clean in your dealing.

Uttam Tap: Raise the bar and push yourself to the limit in order to challenge the impossible. Yogah karmasu kaushalam. Strive for excellence.

Uttam Sayam: Its not the speed but its losing control which kills. Exercise supreme control over body and mind.

Uttam Bhramcharya: Keep temptations at bay and stay on course in your pursuit of excellence.

Uttam Tyaag: Queen's gambit. A voluntary sacrifice of part to save the whole or achieve the ultimate goal. Sacrifice without purpose is meaningless. Sacrifice emphasizes one's focus on the end game. Be a macro man.  

Uttam Akinchan: 'No attachment' is true freedom. Break all chains and shackles.

Uttam Satya: Mission impossible! Truth is an undefined expression in this mortal world. However, the ultimate objective is to find the truth-the light.