Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shakespeare-Einstein Theory

 From Einstein's postulate that the maximum possible speed in the universe is 'C', we may jump onto the conclusion that the world is digital.

C = D/T
Where C < ∞
Implies=> D ≠  ∞ and T ≠ 0

ie. Neither space could be infinite nor time could be zero. This implies that time is unitized having value greater than zero. Similarly, finiteness of space implies that the space is not in continuum but digital.

Understanding of Special Theory of relativity

At speed of light time attains max dilation and space is reduced down to a 'bit'. Any reference frame irrespective of its speed and position, can not dilate the time or shrink distance on the light frame any further. Hence, the speed of light is constant to all observers.

All in all, it’s a quantum world, where matter is fighting against the almighty energy for it’s existence. In it’s quest to assert space and inertia, matter is losing out on time. On the other hand, energy, while driving mass to restlessness, is leaving footprints on timeline in the form of dark energy or entropy or the information released (history). 

In simple analogy, a giant digital screen is being hit by a light beam carrying the code of life. I am curious to know, who’s watching us on the other side of the screen. I am not sure how long this soap opera would go on but I am sure of one thing, the guy watching us is gonna run out of popcorn one day.  

Monday, September 24, 2012

The man who grew cactus

He rode his bicycle back home
a hard day retired.
Harsh n bitter events sealed within
a bleeding arm revealed.

Earthen pot filled with soil
a soft bed prepared.
Love and care deep within
the spiny piece buried.

He took the cradle back yard
another urchin fostered.
Love and affection filled within
thorny poker watered.

Cactus cactus everywhere
not a fruit since reaped.
Happiness and joy  within
no growing pains encountered.

Satisfied with no give or take
his hated friends admired.
No remorse or regret within
flying hug with open arms received.

... may 28, 2007.

In loving memory of Pa. 19th Feb, 1933 - 11th August, 2012