Sunday, January 06, 2008

Cry for Injustice

Indian cricket team playing down under, gets some dubious decisions from the two Penguin like creatures on the ground and whole of India moans in pain as if the cherry had hit them straight on their balls with no guard on. (I doubt very much if we actually have a pair.)
Indian News papers and TV channels, who are always short of matter, got some fodder to chew and cud. Similarly, Indian masses known for having a solid digestion system against injustice or rebuke, failed to digest this one and result was mass heartburn and flatulence.
It is strange that few white collar players, passing their time on field in slow animation with hide and stick, keep our adrenaline levels high. And any inappropriate action or inaction on part of those stationary officials, who are restricted to minimal animation of a yawn or hand signs including finger gestures, challenges our sleeping manhood.

Such insults to the weaker sections of society are a part of sociological behaviour of man. But alarming is direct intrusion and attack on them in their own territory, which puts their existence in jeopardy in this civilized world. But, we have blissfully closed our eyes to the bloody walls around us and have got involved in the kid's stuff. Sure these walls will have 'Injustice' written on them with our blood one day.

So guys, wake up now. Rise above petty 'Gilli danda stufff' and join that voice of protest and self defence, which is being smothered next door.