Monday, November 11, 2013

Science - God's Religion

God worked on his most ambitious project and created man. He endowed the super toy with a tiny chip of his mind along with other gizmos.
In the tropical resource rich woods on the banks of ancient rivers, human civilization flourished. The clever ones took up the job of learning and teaching. And they marketed their theories in the name of God and under the trade mark of Dharma(religion). They made rules and formulated code of conduct, which was binding on all. However, they kept the knowledge under wraps. This knowledge was only available to their families and caste. ....God's will thus far.
These knowledgeable guys enjoyed their status in the society and had little materialistic desires. They believed in indestructible soul and illusionary disposition of the universe. They gave body little importance and thought that by controlling senses and mind they could attain super-natural powers and finally crack the perishable shell of matter to come out of the great illusion, they all were bound to.
The creator got scared of his toy, who was about to wreck the stage he created for his entertainment. God gave a 180 degree twist to the script and started revealing algorithm and logic in nature and matter through common subjects, who were obsessed with material. A new religion was born called Science. The religion had its roots in material. It rewarded the disciples with materialistic rewards instantly. The master stroke worked. From soul, the man was swayed to material. Soul preachers and practitioners were frustrated in their wild goose chase and the toy was soon dancing on the beats of science and technology.
Science describes nature by way of principles, rules, theorems etc, but all these hold good under certain limits. However, we have seen the extent and realm of these principles stretching over the time. But till now we have not had a set of rules which are not limited by conditions. Having come thus far, scientist have ample indications that it all is a digital illusion. But having their roots deep down the matter, it will be hard for them to breach the limits, which bind us all to the material.

The creator is now preparing his toy for celestial launch and mobility as reward for his unperturbed obedience and faithfulness. Theatre Universe will rock with activity for a long-time as God has slyly reversed the bias of the tiny chip in the toy's brain. The poor toy has now moved far away from the switchboard to be able to switch off the light.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Overtake Fear to catch up with Peace...

Lion survives on flesh n blood not because of its own power but 'cause of the fear others have for it.  

Perpetrator and victim both are not equally culpable. It is the fear in victim, which provokes violence in the assailant, and the victim is punished suitably for the provocation subsequently.

Only way to end violence is:  Howsoever weak, always go down fighting. Not for the life, fight for the pride ('herd' may be more appropriate here) and against injustice.  

Saturday, September 07, 2013

God is Great

I went to our temple today and I told God that he was not doing his job properly. He retorted, man, I created the world and soon after lost interest in the seamlessly repetitive creation of mine. I left it to the mortals to come out of the cyclical grind but unfortunately they tend to get so lost in the state of tangential coma that they find it hard to come out of disgusting monotony of everyday morning crap. I gave man the gift of knowledge but alas!, he is not using it to break-free from the loathsome cycle, instead he is using it to sink deeper and deeper into it. 
I said sorry to God and bowed to his greatness.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Why can't Pakistan ever tie a friendship band on Indian wrist

Pakistan holds a strategic position on the world map. To American discomfort, it is the only weak link between China and oil rich (and US defiant) Iran. Our smart neighbour is well aware of the delicacy of the geographical situation that it enjoys. Wooed by the top two anti world powers (USA & China), she is a spoiled brat.

Friendship aside, the estranged sibling will keep hitting the poor brother at will. Its time for the elder bro to get up and hold nothing back and let Pak have it all.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Light does not travel in a straight line

Light path has curvature of the universe.


Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Humans Vs Bacteria

If at all, the above two graphs suggest that bacteria too have an active brain.