Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Global Warming? No worries, put that AC on.

The best quality in all mortals is HOPE. We all live and survive on hope against hope. Even if the future is dark as Black Hole, hope to see the end of tunnel keeps us going through the day.

One need not be a rocket scientist or possess super telescope to see what lies in store for this little planet. A holocaust is overdue but this time there will be no losers in the end. And this very fact and fear, recognised and shared by all, is leasing life to mankind. Nature is asking for sacrifice and all of us are looking at each other for the scapegoat.

Some politicians are having holiday in Bali these days and enjoying global warmth in winter months. Blame game and carbon trading are some of the popular themes at the meet. They all share concern over future but the common mood is to celebrate for now as they sing in chorus, "Hey Baby, Jee lene de is pal ko. Kal ki sochenge kal ko." (Let us live this moment. 'll think about future tomorrow.)

Guys, our runaway train, firing full cylinders, is approaching a dead end. Tie your seat belts and bend down forward, head on knees and hands on head in hope against hope to survive this final impact. Happy landing.