Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A short but never ending story...

There is this rich owner of a skyrise. He is perturbed by the development of a small property in the vicinity. He is unhappy because:
  • the construction process is causing inconvenience and turning the surroundings dirty
  • the upcoming property may grow bigger and become a potential threat to his superiority in the region.
Besides, there could be several other reasons for him to feel offended and insecure.

Also, there is a beggar in the area near the developing site. He is happy as he foresees more alms falling in his kitty. 

But the big schizophrenic fella has the other idea. He pays the beggar some money to throw stones at the small guy's property and create nuisance.   The beggar willingly accepts the money and marshals the commands of his powerful boss.  The small guy now considers the beggar as his biggest enemy and root of all his problems. The beggar is by now a full time servant to his rich employer.

...and the life goes on...

p.s. I have since short listed 3 candidates for casting in my film. The candidates are USA, India & Pakistan. The problem is, Pakistan wants the rich man's role.