Monday, December 20, 2010

Gravity VS Electo-magnetic forces

In an atom there are mainly two types of forces acting,

1. Gravity
2. Electro magnetic force

Pure matter comes wrapped in extremely tight space time curvature, almost an infinite gravity. Nucleus of an atom consists of protons and neutrons which may be considered as particles containing pure matter ( today it is believed that these composite particles further consist of Quarks etc). Within a nucleus, electro-magnetic force(similar charged particles) prevent these particles, protons and neutrons, from collapsing into one another. But still the nucleus has a very close knit of the space-time fabric. Now, the electrons come into picture.

Electrons are basically energy particles and have the Particle-Wave Duality. The electrons are using electro magnetic energy to stretch the tight space-time latex wrapped around the nucleus, which gives required dimensions and body to a nucleus.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

26/11 Wikileaks

Big Noise on 26/11 Wikileaks. It's shocking that Indian people and media are shocked by the Wiki revelations.

USA has always shared a special relationship with Pakistan, which may not be out of choice but due to her important place in the Middle-East politics, more so after the disintegration of Soviet Union. China has become the biggest threat and US's enemy number one. Uncle Sam feels, ME must be insulated from China, at any cost. Afghanistan and Pakistan are the two weak links, which must be closely guarded in order to arrest the red army rising. As far as India is concerned, Uncle Sam considers us a harmless non-entity in this Asian Mahjong. 

Coming back to 26/11, Kasab is one of us. One who washed dog-legs and supplied zigromate on ships. Indians must know that we are fighting no one but ourselves. Meri skin teri skin se jyada safed hai. This mentality has reduced us to bloody Indians.

There is strength in unity. India, like China, must recognize her people's power and stop looking here and there for help. I remember following couplet by Iqbal: 
Khudi ko kar buland itna ki har taqdeer se pahle
Khuda bande se yeh poochhe, bataa teri razaa kya hai

So, India, stop grumbling and move ahead.