Friday, May 18, 2007

Lifetime of a Universe

Creation of Universe
A big bang boom!!! And lo! Time, Space, Matter and Antimatter were born.

Matter and antimatter were both produced in equal quantities. Both started destroying each other on contact. But at the same time there was alignment and partition of the two. Matter joined hands together and formed a ring, and on the other side antimatter joined hands together to form another ring and both rings started inflating like a balloon in different planes.

Two identical intersecting rings of matter and antimatter are expanding clear of each other. Bound by gravity, hand in hand, celestial bodies are on their outward journey to eternity, so it seems.

End of Universe
Something created, must climax and end. Our world is destined to end abruptly at climax.

At some point in time the two balloons would be overstretched and gravity would not be able to hold matter or antimatter together thus breaking the links in the ever expanding rings, which in turn would bring the entire mass crashing down the centre breaching the other intersecting ring at the same time and the entire matter and antimatter would be annihilated, leaving a timeless canvas of energy behind.

Friday, May 04, 2007

My Universe

Light or energy was always there and will always be there...

I would describe light/energy in terms of time as "A unique frame where nothing changes or zero time or just an instance." Speed is function of time and space. But time, space and matter cease to exist in the frame of light.

Therefore, Speed of light = distance/time = 0/ 0 = undefined

Light/energy is not what we see.

Energy is something which has zero inertia or infinite inertia, cause inertia is again a function of time.

Creation of universe
At an instance, energy mated with anti energy - A big bang boom!!! And lo! Time, Matter and space were born.

Matter is stubborn baby of energy. Matter is limited by time and space. It was created and shall end with time and space. Matter is well conserved within time domain. It only changes form.

Time is matter's nanny/governess or master also adds to its dimensions. Time is mono directional and Cyclical in nature.

Provides dimensions and body to the matter. Makes movement possible. We see and perceive a three dimensional space. There could be more strings attached.

Other Dimensions
There are other dimensions too, specially matter specific, which we can not see or observe.

End of Universe
Probably the day anti matter meets and screw matter. Big bang Zoom!!! All would vanish into thin air.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hum sab ek hein!!!

On my way to the Ministry of Transport, I pass by UNI building everyday. The BOD of UNI has been trying to sell off a major stake of the news agency to Zee Telefilms. Employees of UNI are protesting its sell off. For past few months a small group of employees gather outside the building and raise slogans against the management on a loudspeaker.

The other day while passing, I overheard an argument between the protestors. They were markedly divided over the change of location of the protest podium to the shaded side of the gate as some still preferred vastness of their regular side over the new venue where a tree shielded them from merciless midday sun. I heard the heated exchange till their noises faded away in the distance. But just then I couldn't stop laughing at them as I heard loudspeaker come to life with, "Hum sab ek Hein! UNI hamara hai!" (We all are one!!!)

Global Warming - A Meagre Solution


A well written article.

But the writer has failed to shave off the root of the problem. East foots the bill for West's luxury but who will foot the bill for East's extravagance. Solution does not lie in alternate fuels. Adding any kind of fuel to the existing wheel wagon is gonna derail the nature in coming years.

We need to cut down on fire in our minds, belly and below belly. Only hope for mankind lies in de-commercialization of society. We must learn to enjoy this beautiful planet as it is. We don’t need no gaudy seasoning, decoration or presentation to this Godly platter(planet). Lingerie and g-strings are enough to add flavour to sexy bodies. Today, beauty is dead and buried deep down the garbage of human civilization.

We grow up learning about personal hygiene, we wash our hands ten times, boil our water and food but what about the air we breathe? We are blissfully inhaling the most un-hygienic thing on our planet.

Carry on earth…