Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hum sab ek hein!!!

On my way to the Ministry of Transport, I pass by UNI building everyday. The BOD of UNI has been trying to sell off a major stake of the news agency to Zee Telefilms. Employees of UNI are protesting its sell off. For past few months a small group of employees gather outside the building and raise slogans against the management on a loudspeaker.

The other day while passing, I overheard an argument between the protestors. They were markedly divided over the change of location of the protest podium to the shaded side of the gate as some still preferred vastness of their regular side over the new venue where a tree shielded them from merciless midday sun. I heard the heated exchange till their noises faded away in the distance. But just then I couldn't stop laughing at them as I heard loudspeaker come to life with, "Hum sab ek Hein! UNI hamara hai!" (We all are one!!!)

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