Friday, May 04, 2007

My Universe

Light or energy was always there and will always be there...

I would describe light/energy in terms of time as "A unique frame where nothing changes or zero time or just an instance." Speed is function of time and space. But time, space and matter cease to exist in the frame of light.

Therefore, Speed of light = distance/time = 0/ 0 = undefined

Light/energy is not what we see.

Energy is something which has zero inertia or infinite inertia, cause inertia is again a function of time.

Creation of universe
At an instance, energy mated with anti energy - A big bang boom!!! And lo! Time, Matter and space were born.

Matter is stubborn baby of energy. Matter is limited by time and space. It was created and shall end with time and space. Matter is well conserved within time domain. It only changes form.

Time is matter's nanny/governess or master also adds to its dimensions. Time is mono directional and Cyclical in nature.

Provides dimensions and body to the matter. Makes movement possible. We see and perceive a three dimensional space. There could be more strings attached.

Other Dimensions
There are other dimensions too, specially matter specific, which we can not see or observe.

End of Universe
Probably the day anti matter meets and screw matter. Big bang Zoom!!! All would vanish into thin air.

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