Friday, May 18, 2007

Lifetime of a Universe

Creation of Universe
A big bang boom!!! And lo! Time, Space, Matter and Antimatter were born.

Matter and antimatter were both produced in equal quantities. Both started destroying each other on contact. But at the same time there was alignment and partition of the two. Matter joined hands together and formed a ring, and on the other side antimatter joined hands together to form another ring and both rings started inflating like a balloon in different planes.

Two identical intersecting rings of matter and antimatter are expanding clear of each other. Bound by gravity, hand in hand, celestial bodies are on their outward journey to eternity, so it seems.

End of Universe
Something created, must climax and end. Our world is destined to end abruptly at climax.

At some point in time the two balloons would be overstretched and gravity would not be able to hold matter or antimatter together thus breaking the links in the ever expanding rings, which in turn would bring the entire mass crashing down the centre breaching the other intersecting ring at the same time and the entire matter and antimatter would be annihilated, leaving a timeless canvas of energy behind.

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