Thursday, September 18, 2008

Opinion On Opinion

Opinion is like an asshole, because asshole can never ascertain with 100% accuracy as to what and how much mouth had been stuffing all day long. It can only make an intelligent guess to that regard, subject to one did not puke during the day.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Reliving Big Bang

Cern's LHC will come to life in next two hours and take us back to the start line, where the universe started.

LHC is a super vacuumed centrifuge, studded with supercooled giant magnets, which will accelerate two hadron(protons) beams, in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction, to the speed close to light . These beams with mass travelling close to the speed of light in opposite directions will then be made to collide. And boom... a big bang. But nothing to worry about as there is no anti matter, collision will convert only part matter into energy and most important is scientist want to study the matter created there after.

Friday, September 05, 2008

We don't need no Nasa no Nano

Storms brewing up in Atlantic have made a beginning of a violent hurricane season. Gustav, Hanna and Ike, all influenced by Biejing Olympics, look like to be competing with each other. After Gustave, Hanna had its toll on human life. Now Ike is heading west with all its might with Josephine trailing back. Floods, tsunami and earthquakes are having a heavier toll.

Global warming is again on the cross wire for changing climate and why not. Falling ice shelves and receding ice limits with warmer land etc. are disturbing the wind matrix on the face of the earth, thereby upsetting ocean currents. Not many forms of life would be able to endure these sudden changes.

Can we afford economical progress at the cost of life on earth and for whom then?

Are we brainless bacteria, who finally get into death phase of their growth cycle due to their utter disregard to the changing environment within a culture(biological). The very medium or culture, that is initially rich and conducive for their growth, turns into their death trap, as they multiply in size and number.

So my friends, go to sleep. Let there be tomorrow. The sun will shine again and whiff of fresh air will fill life with joy and happiness. Do not let this boat sink, cause earth alone is our last hope and not Moon or the Mars. We don't need no Nasa no Nano. Hey guys, leave this earth alone.