Monday, July 07, 2008

Life is to change

Eversince, we have stepped into the twenty first century, our existence is increasingly getting uncertain, partly because of increasing number and diminishing resources and partly because of our bloating needs, which, I am afraid, are not very nature friendly.

Education and information are turning us into paranoids. We are getting wary of each other. Common man is reeling under identity crisis. In the name of creativity and originality we are screwing straight lines or skewing upright images. Music has turned into noise and entertainment into pure madness. Research and development is about proving the obvious wrong.

But all is not wrong. There is still a silver lining to the cloud and thread of brilliance with which the vicious spider is hanging. We got to straighten up our twisted and tangled psyches and lives. We have to withdraw ourselves from relativity and enjoy uniqueness of our own frame in this vast universe, respecting other's (x, y) at the same time. Only a sociological and psychological revolution may save this world now. We must work on changing the existing education system and curriculum.

Education today should be about becoming better creature and not better human.