Sunday, March 09, 2008

Handle with Care!

When I was a kid, my parents bought me new clothes but I won't wear them lest they would get dirty. I roamed around naked and they all just laughed at me.

I have grown up since then. But now I have come across this bunch of civilized citizens in the twilight zone, who won't let children play in the grounds lest they(the grounds) would go bald. Ha -ha -ha!!! And these guys have little or no time to amend themselves.

Moreover, the complex managers have been using common areas, which we have already paid for, for commercial activities like coaching club etc. Also, thanks to the greed of builders and developers, there are no grounds left in the near vicinity. The ground between F and H block has been the latest victim to these predators.

Our young guns need to fire full barrels in the outdoors. So the grounds in the complex cannot be made out of bound for them.

In the end, to my senior and civilized friends:
How many times did you read and were told, not to drink or eat spicy food. But you did and ruined that delicate grass(lining) of your very own private stomach. But now, why this love and concern for the common grounds, which are basically meant for the growth of the most beautiful flowers on this earth ie our kids?

If you have no answer, laugh with me and amend.