Friday, February 18, 2011

Dream your own dream

Installed with five senses and an analytical brain, man started storing and synthesising all information. This exclusive trait gave him access to the secrets of the nature and a pie of God's mind.

Nevertheless, human psyche is still contrary to nature's philosophy. Nature loves what we call chaos. We love order or bias which nature does not approve. Earth was the chosen planet for life. God instilled a little bias on this planet by slightly tilting the earth's spin axis, which makes order loving life possible here.

Despite the distinguishing characteristic, man never let go his animalistic instincts, like appeasement, obedience & discipline in return for reward and fear, which he inherited from his fore fathers. Basically and largely, till date, he remains a social 'animal' and a tail wagging follower, but for individuals, who led mass campaigns and movements and wrote history.

In recent times, a country with rich heritage but enigmatic past has suddenly acquired the centre stage. A country, which does not recognise individual identity and has achieved greatness through large sets of uniform natural numbers. Yes, it is China, where they do not look at any hero in Chang, Ming or Pu but people as a collective common noun. The ardent and faithful followers from China are capable of executing any senseless or headless state decree to ten on ten e.g. in 1958 they killed all the sparrows, an action which was later credited with exacerbating the Great Chinese Famine in which more than 30 million people died of starvation.

Earth was always one, but man divided territories to protect regional ecology within a friendly culture. But today, in spite of disparity, diversity and differences among races, in an absolute loss of creativity, we have all united in our pursuit of a common dream. Predictability of human race is at its acme. The growing uniformity of human design is disturbing the natural design and creating serious ecological imbalance. It is now between the human will and nature's tolerance. In absence of any insulation, a regional tragedy of past brought upon by error of judgement will be of global magnitude now. We need to break our steps and go out of synch. Humanity is in distress and calling for more naysayer to control the listing ship before she heels over to the angle of loll and attains natural equilibrium.