Friday, August 19, 2016

Act of Man

Scientists on earth plan to populate moon with machines and robots. It is planned that the moon would be populated on similar lines as the life evolved on the planet earth.

Over a period of 100 years, reproducing robots were evolved in to a very advance robotic civilization on Moon. Man controlled the robots from earth but the robots felt as if they were doing and controlling things themselves. However,  robots were hinted and programmed to believe in a creator, a God. This was most important otherwise the toys would have gotten confused on their way to evolution by the imperfect simulation. God acted like a suspense account to them while we people debugged and conveyed logic through scientist robots.

However, some were left atheists. 

There was greed, emotions, sex & violence, family, religion, politics and all other ingredients of a blockbuster soap.

One day, a  meditating stubborn believer robot was brought to earth and allowed to meet his creator. He was made to tour the godly planet earth. Seeing the plight of his God on planet earth, the robot, Ram, said, "Oh my God! Poor God."

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Jai Ho!

When I started learning painting at school, I would draw only the subject. But then my art teacher would tell that my work was incomplete as there was no background in that. I gradually started understanding the importance of  background in a painting. ...and with that came the respect for fellow Indians and my Indianness.