Thursday, July 21, 2011

Out of Randomness

Everyday in the morning, I run around Silver Oak's empty swimming pool to shed the excess calories stuffed in my midship tiers. I am not alone there. With me are thousands of ants collecting daily quota of calories during their early morning sorties. In my zeal to get rid of the telling signs of my hogging greed, I stamp over these industrious but puny creatures with impunity, killing several of them instantly. Not once sparing a thought.

It was just another day, as I was going to step over a lonely worker, I heard a painful whisper. I froze and listened. "God, why it has to be me? I have always done my duties religiously and I have never shirked or been bad to anyone. I do not understand your justice", was the little ant muttering.

I heed to her prayers and stretched my step a little bit longer to give this micro vessel a wide berth. But just then I felt the foundation of this grand universe shaking because of my biased action. I pulled back my foot to sink the escaping ship, which was destined to doom out of randomness.