Thursday, October 29, 2015

Memory, Logic & Time

Time is a derivative of change.

The other day while chatting with my learned friend, Deepak Rathore of Thilio Technologies, Deepak said that to him the genesis of time was in memory.

Hmmm..., a very apt observation. A frame in absence of any previous event becomes a timeless still frame. And as soon as you introduce a frame from the archives to it the things start moving and clock starts ticking. The science of animation...

Elaborating on the concept, there are other aspects to time viz. spatial change and logic. e.g. if we are looking at sun in the sky for few seconds it will not impart any sense of time but if a moving cloud is added to the scene at the same time, the time will start flying.

Now Lets take the example of a frame consisting of a classroom followed by another frame showing a vast sea. Our mind will not be able to relate the two events and we will perceive the two frames as stills. Hence, to experience time, the two events should be logically relevant and related. However, the logic is built upon our past experiences hence it is also a product of memory. Therefore, we can say memory holds the key to time.

Ref. my blog, The Quantum Twist:, I observed that physically time is electromagnetic in nature. Well, it seems I am in perfect sync with my friend since physically memory is also electromagnetic in nature. 

Corollary: Time is a trait of finite relativity. For singularity its just an endless dash(instance).