Friday, October 19, 2012

Honesty is the best Politics

Religion & God were wonderful concepts for the development of mankind. But unfortunately, we saw propriety rights over these concepts claimed by Krishna & Avatar co., Mahavira & Associates, Buddha & Buddha co., Mohammed Pvt. Ltd., Jesus & sons etc.  
Non-violence, love and peace, the very core concepts and ideas of these religions were breached blatantly in in bid to claim the patent rights over God.
On the same lines..., honesty is a great concept for construction of a prosperous society. Lately we are seeing a wave of anti corruption movement in India. Well, a call of the moment. But unfortunately, its going the God's way. There is a bid to privatize the right to fight against corruption. Instead of fighting the menace together, there are different sects and clans claiming to have the sole right over fighting against corruption. Individual ambitions, aspirations and egos have clouded the beautiful core concept. The remedy is again going to become the cause.   

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shakespeare-Einstein Theory

 From Einstein's postulate that the maximum possible speed in the universe is 'C', we may jump onto the conclusion that the world is digital.

C = D/T
Where C < ∞
Implies=> D ≠  ∞ and T ≠ 0

ie. Neither space could be infinite nor time could be zero. This implies that time is unitized having value greater than zero. Similarly, finiteness of space implies that the space is not in continuum but digital.

Understanding of Special Theory of relativity

At speed of light time attains max dilation and space is reduced down to a 'bit'. Any reference frame irrespective of its speed and position, can not dilate the time or shrink distance on the light frame any further. Hence, the speed of light is constant to all observers.

All in all, it’s a quantum world, where matter is fighting against the almighty energy for it’s existence. In it’s quest to assert space and inertia, matter is losing out on time. On the other hand, energy, while driving mass to restlessness, is leaving footprints on timeline in the form of dark energy or entropy or the information released (history). 

In simple analogy, a giant digital screen is being hit by a light beam carrying the code of life. I am curious to know, who’s watching us on the other side of the screen. I am not sure how long this soap opera would go on but I am sure of one thing, the guy watching us is gonna run out of popcorn one day.  

Monday, September 24, 2012

The man who grew cactus

He rode his bicycle back home
a hard day retired.
Harsh n bitter events sealed within
a bleeding arm revealed.

Earthen pot filled with soil
a soft bed prepared.
Love and care deep within
the spiny piece buried.

He took the cradle back yard
another urchin fostered.
Love and affection filled within
thorny poker watered.

Cactus cactus everywhere
not a fruit since reaped.
Happiness and joy  within
no growing pains encountered.

Satisfied with no give or take
his hated friends admired.
No remorse or regret within
flying hug with open arms received.

... may 28, 2007.

In loving memory of Pa. 19th Feb, 1933 - 11th August, 2012

Saturday, July 07, 2012

God's Camera

Entropy is the measurement of time and rate of change of entropy determines the duration of period at a particular moment in time.

The rate of change of entropy is increasing with time. The rate of change of entropy during the early days of universe formation was slower than what it is today. With rate of change of entropy increasing, length of period is decreasing along the time arrow. Thus previous billion years was a longer period than the succeeding one in the absolute terms. 

Wowla! Shutter speed of god's camera is increasing.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Light carries the code of Universe

Various frequencies & wavelengths of light showcase the universe.

All frequencies are in fact equivalent in absoluteness. Shorter wavelengths or higher frequencies represent beginning of the world i.e. tighter space dimensions and dilated time. While the longer wavelengths or lower frequencies take us towards the end of this universe - i.e. expanded space dimensions and contracted time period.

Evolution of stars also confirms the same.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Marching on a different path

In my below post, I am claiming that the energy is giving way to growing mass and space-time dimensions. This change is not happening in a continuum but it is a quantum change. Say for C to 9C/10 'a' level of energy, for 9C/10 to 8C/10 period 'b' level of energy and so on and so forth...

The universe is in quantum equilibrium. Existing laws of physics will hold good with in a universe speed range. Transition from one range to another will mean loss or gain of energy. This also explains, why someone will not be able to go in immediate past within an energy level and amend things. 

The model suggested by me is very raw at the moment, but it does explain issues like time travel and effects on objects approaching speed of light etc effectively. 

Friday, June 01, 2012


Let me start by saying, "Long live Albert Einstein."

The worst thing about knowledge is that many a times it makes you turn a blind eye to the obvious.

Years of learning is now a sky kissing high-rise standing over a strong foundation of our belief in basic laws of Physics. Now, if someone tells you that all this while you were building upon a false ceiling, nobody would ever believe. 

Conservation of mass and energy are two such postulates, until Einstein came up with his special formula  E=mC^2, thereby busting the myth.

I would like to go little farther than the great game changer. Let’s rise above finity & approximation and travel back in time before the conception of our universe. There was a lonely singularity in nothingness. Incidentally, at one point it broke silence with a bang. A miniature universe was born as some energy changed into mass, time & space. This universe started expanding with more and more energy transforming into time-space and mass. Heavenly bodies started getting bigger and bigger while time gradually ticking faster and space dimensions getting bigger. Energy level of universe has been falling ever since and so is it's absolute speed. Space and mass are expanding while time is shrinking on the descending speed scale. Similarly gravity is gradually decreasing. In layman's lingo, universe photo frames are getting bigger and changing faster progressively. The next billion years will be much shorter in duration than previous billion years.

Going by this postulate, million years ago the earth was relatively much smaller as compared to what it is today. In fact the dinosaurs were not big animals. It is their fossils which have grown so large with time which make us think that they were very big creatures. 

From here we can predict the future & the end of this universe. And on a spaceship we can traverse the past...

It is simple to understand. Speed of universe on a scale of  'C' (speed of light) to 'Zero' is the timeline i.e. a particular absolute speed  corresponds to a particular time period. If one is able to attain an absolute speed other than that of  the existing universe, one will find oneself in that time period. One can only go in past because it is possible to attain speed more than that of the present universe only. Future remains physically out of reach as going slower is not possible because absolute speed is not a vector quantity. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Irrational Relativity

Junior's 10th board result was announced today. He was very happy to see a perfect 10 on the monitor. But soon the balloon of his happiness deflated as he saw 20 other balloons smiling over his school. The thought of sharing the podium with crowd was weighing heavy on him and soon absolute high gave way to relative depression. It was time to pull him out of the irrational relativity. A lecture on my favourite subject followed by a dinner outside did the trick.  

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A perfect binary game plan

Infinity is the trait of singularity - a glass full. Zero is it's counter part in our imperfect world. Zero & One, sides of the same coin - seemingly a perfect binary game plan. Rest of the numbers are just contributing towards the irrationality.
'To be' and 'not to be', are the only two possibilities. 'May be' is an irrationality, we all are obsessed with. We have been limited to finity by Kaal (time). Bound by the two known terminals, birth and death, life is much ado about nothing...