Friday, June 01, 2012


Let me start by saying, "Long live Albert Einstein."

The worst thing about knowledge is that many a times it makes you turn a blind eye to the obvious.

Years of learning is now a sky kissing high-rise standing over a strong foundation of our belief in basic laws of Physics. Now, if someone tells you that all this while you were building upon a false ceiling, nobody would ever believe. 

Conservation of mass and energy are two such postulates, until Einstein came up with his special formula  E=mC^2, thereby busting the myth.

I would like to go little farther than the great game changer. Let’s rise above finity & approximation and travel back in time before the conception of our universe. There was a lonely singularity in nothingness. Incidentally, at one point it broke silence with a bang. A miniature universe was born as some energy changed into mass, time & space. This universe started expanding with more and more energy transforming into time-space and mass. Heavenly bodies started getting bigger and bigger while time gradually ticking faster and space dimensions getting bigger. Energy level of universe has been falling ever since and so is it's absolute speed. Space and mass are expanding while time is shrinking on the descending speed scale. Similarly gravity is gradually decreasing. In layman's lingo, universe photo frames are getting bigger and changing faster progressively. The next billion years will be much shorter in duration than previous billion years.

Going by this postulate, million years ago the earth was relatively much smaller as compared to what it is today. In fact the dinosaurs were not big animals. It is their fossils which have grown so large with time which make us think that they were very big creatures. 

From here we can predict the future & the end of this universe. And on a spaceship we can traverse the past...

It is simple to understand. Speed of universe on a scale of  'C' (speed of light) to 'Zero' is the timeline i.e. a particular absolute speed  corresponds to a particular time period. If one is able to attain an absolute speed other than that of  the existing universe, one will find oneself in that time period. One can only go in past because it is possible to attain speed more than that of the present universe only. Future remains physically out of reach as going slower is not possible because absolute speed is not a vector quantity. 


Anonymous said...

so much time and efforts have been spent on dinosaurs research. you trash it all with a stroke of pen.

skitzar said...

the problem is in that we can not like in a universe obtain absolute light speed while living in a multiverse.