Sunday, June 03, 2012

Marching on a different path

In my below post, I am claiming that the energy is giving way to growing mass and space-time dimensions. This change is not happening in a continuum but it is a quantum change. Say for C to 9C/10 'a' level of energy, for 9C/10 to 8C/10 period 'b' level of energy and so on and so forth...

The universe is in quantum equilibrium. Existing laws of physics will hold good with in a universe speed range. Transition from one range to another will mean loss or gain of energy. This also explains, why someone will not be able to go in immediate past within an energy level and amend things. 

The model suggested by me is very raw at the moment, but it does explain issues like time travel and effects on objects approaching speed of light etc effectively. 

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