Monday, August 18, 2008

Lets move to London

Over one billion Indians and that one shot in the blue to pamper our pride in the nationality. On the other hand, China's gold plunder at Beijing has crashed the world gold market.

Champion of optimism and a true nationalist, I am closely following up Indian challenge at Beijing. With little or no effort (like Usain Bolt), one after the other, Indians have been falling from the bird's nest to shop downtown or collect free condoms at the village.

Now left in the ring are three boxers from my native state. Oops... only two. As I was writing this, I received this on my yahoo - "Akhil Kumar knocked out in quarters."

But my optimism is still high with two to go. Even if all my hopes are dashed by 20th August, 2008, I will wait for the London games. After all, the Bolt, that strikes the nine pins, is a treat to watch.