Saturday, July 17, 2010

A blasphemy against 'no God.'

My belief in God is purely for my selfish consumption. Speaking of self, I am at loss of explaining or relating logic to my actions many a times. Without wrecking my brain on exploring trivial irrationality of my behaviour, I simply owe it to the supernatural. I get 'peace' of my mind.

Science and human logic are far from being whole. The irrationality would exist as long as we are unable to beat light or look through the blackholes. So atheists, keep your frigging faith to yourselves and don't show me the gallows for my blasphemy.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Paint it black

Saying again, human paranoia and phobias have no rationale or base. The necklace of life has lost many a pearls because of such irrational behaviour of man. We are out to destroy diversity and colours.

The fate of Picasso's work is sealed. Our two year old is at work with a big brush and a pale of black paint.

Carry on son.