Thursday, November 12, 2009

2012 - clock stops there.

Nothing sells like death and destruction. Cash obsessed mind would not let go the golden opportunity that the Mayan calendar has presented. So, we have another Armageddon or apocalypse or doomsday in reel (not real).
Master disaster shooter, Roland Emmerich of Godzilla & ID4 fame, has blown golden shit over silver wall again in his today released film, '2012'. Over usd200mill movie, filled with great visual and sound effects, will keep you on the edge throughout. But the script is nothing more than a senseless fiction.
Like always, I maintain, it has to be man vs man and not nature which is going to wipe us out of the face of this earth. The intense hatred will get the 'bustard' anywhere in the universe, be it a bunker on moon or be it a reboot spaceship.

TGIF the 13th...