Friday, May 05, 2017

Meditation Explained

Basically meditation is to withdraw from the outside world and have a peek within self. A peek within means shutting down of the thought process and action center which get their inputs from the worldly physical cheat senses. These sensory inputs are processed by our brain to construct a personal or collective faith in the illusion around us, which then prompts us to physically execute the scripted commands of the supreme master.  Its like non-co-operation movement which ultimately leads to freedom. Aazadi of  living the moment!

In advance stages, the meditation is to insulate the sensory inputs from the brain and at the same time shut down the proxy server which auto kick starts on the stored information. Its kinda reboot with all sensory ports disconnected and to stay connected with the pure consciousness. If successfully achieved, it will give you a feeling of timelessness or stillness.

To start with, it is not possible to isolate mind from senses. So we start by concentrating on breath alone while we are fully connected to the outside world through other senses. The idea is to spurn the overtures to enticement by the senses using brain power and remain in a passive state. The idea is to not to react to the outside temptations and noises. Push everything to the background. Initially you would be disturbed by the activity in your backyard. But slowly and gradually the background noises will disturb you less and less as you choose to be indifferent to them and get used to them as a passive observer. The result would be more peace inside irrespective of the noises outside.

So we finally arrive at : Meditation is awareness without indulgence.

In wider ambit, following physical activities can also be classified as meditation:
1. a student studying during festival season
2. a player practicing while his friends partying
3. a man quietly and calmly listening to his wife's rants
4.  an audience calmly enduring a boring lecture

In broader sense, Meditation is willful ignorance of favourable or unfavourable sensual triggers which try to breach peaceful staus quo or thwart your tryst with consciousness. In any case it imparts you peace of mind and helps you to accomplish your goal.

Difference between Sleep and Meditation
Sleep is purely a routine involuntary physical body maintenance process where mind rests in a subconscious state, while Meditation is controlled throttling of the streaming sense bytes in order to interact with the consciousness. Mind is in highly conscious state.