Thursday, November 20, 2014

Religion Vs Consumerism

The gist of religion or spirituality is that the soul was the only truth, buried deep under the lie of illusory matter.   Having said that, defining and differentiating  good illusion and bad illusion and subsequently attaching material rewards and punishments to them was nothing but a marketing strategy adopted by the religious preachers and practitioners. Poor needy and greedy always fall to such gimmicks. Hence the rise of religion and consumerism thereafter.

Consumerism is nothing but an appendage of religion, like the the two political parties. Both spit at each other and flourish, while the subjects languish. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Present Unknown

“I am who I am,” God said to Moses. Try and catch the present if you can.

Present moment or stillness is the truth, but it is totally elusive to the fugitive subjects like me.

Yes, I Know, I am who I am but I don't know who I am. Hence a mortal.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Ten Commandments In Jainism

Uttam Kshama:  Forgiveness is a clutch paddle. Use it to quickly disengage from unnecessary argument or dispute.

Uttam Aarjav: Let mind, speech & actions be in a linear sync.

Uttam Mardav : Treat all at par.

Uttam Shauch:  Karmanev adhikarste ma faleshu kadachan - Our actions must be duty or goal bound and not reward oriented. Stay clean in your dealing.

Uttam Tap: Raise the bar and push yourself to the limit in order to challenge the impossible. Yogah karmasu kaushalam. Strive for excellence.

Uttam Sayam: Its not the speed but its losing control which kills. Exercise supreme control over body and mind.

Uttam Bhramcharya: Keep temptations at bay and stay on course in your pursuit of excellence.

Uttam Tyaag: Queen's gambit. A voluntary sacrifice of part to save the whole or achieve the ultimate goal. Sacrifice without purpose is meaningless. Sacrifice emphasizes one's focus on the end game. Be a macro man.  

Uttam Akinchan: 'No attachment' is true freedom. Break all chains and shackles.

Uttam Satya: Mission impossible! Truth is an undefined expression in this mortal world. However, the ultimate objective is to find the truth-the light.


Monday, April 28, 2014


For once Indians are pointing finger at themselves and showing the stain to the world. Yes, they are in process of picking a 'seemingly less dirty' shirt out of a stinking pile of dirty linen. A shirt which they would have to don for next five years. General Elections in India is a five yearly blue moon event when common man is hailed by the sitting and would be lords soon to be forgotten and left alone to languish in misery.
This year's elections are spiced up as coaltar has been added to the usual saffron & green gulaal Holi.  It all started when the ruling party was having a party. Anna's movement against corruption gathered steam as the government in power was plundering national resources & funds rampantly.  There was a huge media coverage of the movement. Common people from all walks of life came forward and protested against the prevailing corruption. A Lokpaal bill was drafted by Anna and company but politicians cutting across party lines were against the draft. As the demand for implementing the bill was growing louder, politicians started thinking of strategy to thwart the menace by breaking the movement. Once again 'divide and rule' ploy was used to dissolve the movement. A faction of Anna & company was lured into joining the elite power club under the leadership of AK. AK ate the apple and was expelled from the paradise. Sentenced to earth, AK landed with his men as Aam Aadmi Party. The common man received them as a gift sent from heaven and soon crowned him as the prince of Delhi darbaar. But chhote sarkar had a king size ambition. He relinquished Delhi crown in pursuit of greater goal. Armed with a brooshh and tar he jumped into the national arena to play election holi,  a game which he grossly misunderstood and underestimated. The earthly rural India rejected his idea of  tar so now he is trying to steal some green gulaal and save the day & face.

Holi aside, ages later, the system sucks. I find the party system in democracy outdated and misplaced. How could a single party with common interests represent an entire nation of over one billion people. I strongly advocate that the party system should be abolished, in stead, we should elect and send a bouquet of good people, who have a sound background of social service in their localities, to the parliament. And these 500 odd representatives along with a body of bureaucrats should work out a manifest and rule the nation.  

It will be difficult to execute the above model at the national level in the beginning but it may be tried and tested at state level first. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Flight 370

No SOS/ no phone calls/ switching off of data transmitter and transponder/ dive to low altitude serving dual purpose( radar obscurity and door opening)/ path of the flight and the final destination. From a sad disaster it all leads to a grand design. 

Probably after switching off the transponder, the pilot donned the oxygen mask and decompressed the aeroplane and continued on course for a while to make sure all the passengers rested in peace. Then he turned around and brought the plane to low altitude. He navigated over Malaysia and Indonesia before setting the final course and parachuting down. After the pilot(s) jumped to safety, the flight continued with its cargo of dead bodies to its crash landing destination on its preplanned route toward Antarctica deep down the Indian ocean. Never to be found out...

....sounds sick!! But then the world ain't in the pink of health

 Posted on CNN on 23rd March, 2014

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Black Holes

With due respect to Stephen Hawking's latest revelation, 'Black Holes' should be treated as the  multiphase power cables to the giant digital gaming console called The Universe.

In other words, 'black holes' connect this world to the power source next to God's couch. It's play time, mates.