Thursday, March 27, 2014

Flight 370

No SOS/ no phone calls/ switching off of data transmitter and transponder/ dive to low altitude serving dual purpose( radar obscurity and door opening)/ path of the flight and the final destination. From a sad disaster it all leads to a grand design. 

Probably after switching off the transponder, the pilot donned the oxygen mask and decompressed the aeroplane and continued on course for a while to make sure all the passengers rested in peace. Then he turned around and brought the plane to low altitude. He navigated over Malaysia and Indonesia before setting the final course and parachuting down. After the pilot(s) jumped to safety, the flight continued with its cargo of dead bodies to its crash landing destination on its preplanned route toward Antarctica deep down the Indian ocean. Never to be found out...

....sounds sick!! But then the world ain't in the pink of health

 Posted on CNN on 23rd March, 2014