Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baring Necessity

Man is a hardcore hypocrite. Class two and three books say, man wears clothes to protect self from weather.

But infact, it all started after Eve ate the apple, leaf acquired the centre stage on human body, which constantly intrigued both of them from then on as to "Patti ke pichhe kya hai?" The curiosity has resulted in trillions of us, many dead cats and others surviving.

I am sitting in the office and sweating profusely under my clothes in 40 degree C room temperature as all power appliances rest in peace here. They all are martyr to an over-efficient Sun and a grossly under-efficient state electricity board.

I envy the electricity board, which has right to shed but we don't. Clothes on me have lost the sense of purpose yet I have to don them for the leafy concept.

Wish my bottle of beer, bare ass and hell with shameful hypocrisy!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Missing Girl

Tsunami spared her. But as the fate be, she was abducted from the relief camp.

If you've seen her, pls report to:
1. James mathew( 123.mathew@gmail. com )
2. Amit kumar ( amitkumarmajor@ )
3. khem chandra pan ( khemchandrapan@ )
Or contact:
SMQ – 17/2AF
NEW DELHI-110062