Monday, April 20, 2015

Dev Shastra Guru - Pt. Jugal Kishoreji - Translation

My thousand salutes to the Gurus who have attained complete knowledge (Kewal gyaan).

Now coming back to self, under the spell of five worldly senses I am enjoying the poison of this unreal and delusive world and I am unable to cast off from the witchcraft of the non-living. Not able to see my own greatness, I am totally obsessed by this grand illusion. Oh God! Lift curtain from this illusion.

I know, my body and me are two immiscible entities like oil and water. Both have separate sets of attributes.  But  infatuated, I have surrendered the power of judgement to the guile and acquired the attributes of non-living. Fallen to the sham, my term has extended  in this delusory world by the way of repeated births and deaths. Oh Lord! I am sorry for my misjudgement. Give me some sensibility.

Unfavourable and sad moments drive me away from this delusion at times, but then come the moments of joy and fun enticing me back into the unreal world. Oh Lord! Pull me out of this fragile bubble.

Equality or singularity is my true nature. There is no impurity in me hence no bias. But the truth has shattered into several lies.   Oh Lord! Give me my stability and oneness back.

I have fulfilled numerous temptations and desires, yet I remain unsatisfied. My greed is like a bottomless well. Oh Lord! Today I have come to taste the joy of satisfaction.

I always thought that worldly lamp was the true source of light, which is blown away by the slightest gust of wind. Oh Lord! I have come to light my inner lamp perpetually.

I was always under the illusion that my actions were controlled by others and it was others who made me love or hate them. Oh Lord! Today I have come to disengage my self from others.

I can't keep my possessions with me for long. And the fear of losing them keeps me stressed constantly. Oh Lord! by nature I am a cool and free person. Break me free from my attachments.

Oh Lord! I will bust the sensory illusion and rise above the worldly feelings to get in the state of perpetual happiness by meditation. I will see the ultimate truth and feel the absolute strength. Yes, my lord! I will merge in you one day. 

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