Saturday, April 11, 2015

Why can't there be a Single Theory of Everything...

I think, Einstein's General Theory of Relativity was a comprehensive theory as far as matter is concerned. But he could not explain the behaviour of imps like sub atomic particles, electrons or photons with this theory. Hence the rise of quantum physics.

However, Einstein and other scientists are fundamentally wrong when they try explain the two with a single theory. Quantum physicists have been quite close in their general explanation regarding the electrons. But with all sorts of contradictions and uncertainty, their findings suggest, it's not science. Hence, quantum physics should be called quantum religion. The imps are not particles and they are independent of time and space dimensions. Matter(proton/neutron/quark) is physical but photons and certain sub-atomic particles are meta-physical in body and soul analogy.

Every matter, living or non-living has two entities, body and soul or consciousness as one might like to call. As we see in the case of living, the physics does not apply to soul(psyche). Similarly, behaviour of sub atomic particles can not be explained by the laws of physics.

Therefore, its a wild goose chase to find a common string of theory to tie  the two entities together. The best we can do is to extend the realm of quantum physics to quantum religion having two streams viz psychology and philosophy. Pure physics will never be able to explain these little magicians in this grand illusion.

There  is an urgent need for another religion. Did I say more blood shedding??

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