Friday, September 04, 2015

Quantum Twist

Complexity is the daughter of  fear. The nature has nothing to fear about. Therefore it is not as complex as man makes out of it. The mathematics is the language of God but most of us do not understand it. However, it is not important to know the language as long as we could use an interphase of logic. Normal human brain is well equipped to process data using simple logic.

The nature follows some simple and basic principles. These principles have been conveyed to the mankind by some great but simple people from time to time. From classical to quantum has been a giant leap. Philosophically, the quantum physicists suggest that our world is made up of pixels and we are multi dimensional images on a giant screen. Just like television screen, the mega screen(the universe) is swept by the singularity field (cathode ray). On the mega screen there are particles having time and space orientation.

Further..., herebelow a recap of what I understand :

The singularity Field

The singularity is an infinite, eternal, purely static field sans time or space. Hence it constantly opposes  any change brought about in its realm by exerting Gravitational and Magnetic forces.

The SpaceTime Field & Particles

  • Spacetime field is a bubble within singularity field. 
  • Each basic particle within universe(spacetime field) is a blend of space and time dimensions/orientation. (see fig)
  • For the different types of particles this blend has a different ratio of time and space orientation. i.e.. some have greater orientation toward time and some have greater space orientation. (Half or fraction spin particles as I would like to call them). This share is governed by the frequency/speed of the particle. Greater the frequency(speed) of the particle, greater the share of time. Slower or lesser the speed/frequency, greater the share of space dimension.
  • Electrons have greater time orientation (fraction or half spin particles)
  • Proton & Neutrons have more of space orientation. (fraction or half spin particles)
  • Photons are pure (100%) time particles - electromagnetic (Integer spin)
  • Higgs bosons are pure (100%) space  particles - mass (Integer spin)
  • The particles within spacetime field are constantly changing or capable of changing their position and speed by introduction of energy. 
  • While changing position, speed or state, the particles meet with resistance in the form of gravity and electro-magnetic forces exerted by the singularity field in space-time vector ratio.
  • When singularity interacts with particle's time orientation it gives rise to electo-magnetic resistance.
  • While singularity's interaction with particle's space orientation results in gravitation and mass.
Effect of change in speed on particle's orientation:
Since speed = distance/ time
  • Increasing speed by adding energy to a particle results in contraction (increase) of its space orientation and dilation (decrease) of its time orientation.
  • Decreasing speed by extracting energy from a particle results in dilation(decrease) of its space orientation and contraction (increase) of time orientation.
The Universe is a Limited Co.
The particles in this universe are bound by the flwg two limits:
  • Speed of  Light (Maximum Energy state)
  • Absolute  Zero Speed (Least Energy state) 
Particle at Absolute Zero Speed
On way to Absolute Zero particles lose energy & speed. Hence they have dilating space dimension and contracting time orientation therefore:
  • Time orientation of all particles including proton and neutrons with in an atom will increase. ie even protons or neutrons will behave like electrons near the limit.
  • The singularity will exert more magnetic force on them and hence strong electro-magnetic forces will be experienced
  • Very low or no Gravity.
  • Minimum heat Energy
  • Creation of  Boson condensate  (E = MC^2)
  • Experience of strong electro magnetic force.
Explains: Boson condensate ( 100% time spin matter)/ super conductivity (even protons behave like electrons)/ super fluidity (low or no Gravity & same orientation).

Particle at Speed of Light
On way to speed of light, particles gain energy and speed. Hence they experience contracting space dimension and dilating time orientation therefore::
  • Space orientation of all particles including electrons with in an atom will increase. ie even electrons will behave like protons or neutrons.
  • Thus the singularity will exert very strong gravitational force on the particles and hence a very strong gravity will be experienced
  • No or largely reduced Magnetic field
  • Creation of Higgs Boson (M = E/C^2)
  • Experience of infinite gravitational force.

Beyond the limits of the spacetime field, there is sudden death of time or space as both the quantities can not exist independently without the other. And there remains the infinite, eternal & boring singularity alone.

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