Friday, September 11, 2015

Jain Ban

Anekantvad is the corner  stone of Jainism.
Anekantvad is a corollary of the idea that this universe is just an illusion where the truth (the soul) has been taken for a ride by the lie in the form of body and desires.
The objective is to alienate the truth from the lie. The first step to achieve this objective is to identify the two entities clearly.  Having identified that everything physical or pertaining to our sensory perception is a lie or an illusion in this universe, how on earth could anyone be right in asserting self or any idea pertaining to the illusion to be true?
Just like the theory of relativity in physics, our convictions are purely relative and frame & view oriented. Just like the electric and electronic equipments around us behave differently and return different output upon subjection to a common source of power, we all are designed to perceive and react differently to an event or source. Having acknowledged this, fans rotate, music systems sing, TVs display pics, bulbs and tubes light up our life. All of them perform in their own way without ever questioning other's way of life. This is Anekantvad...
However, man has been attributed with some extra qualities. The most illustrious of them all being the EGO. Each man is stuffed with  loads of ego which prevents him from doing his own job but prompts him to find faults and assert self over others. Knowing the truth but blinded by the ego, man never sees the truth in his lifetime. He spends his whole life chasing mirage at mach-2.
So, Jains, mind your own business. Don't make a chair out of  knife. You will end up with a bloody ass. 

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