Monday, April 04, 2011

In search of a tree

I am in search of a tree after listening to below story:

There were four friends in a village school. Three brilliant and one idiot. But friends are friends. After studying for few years the idiot dropped out and started running errands at his father's farm. However, the other three completed their studies with merit. Not having the opportunities to suit their qualification in the village, the trio decided to move to the capital city. The idiot pleaded with the departing friends to take him along. Thinking that the idiot might come handy in households, the three agreed.

The four of them set out on the journey, which entailed passage through a thick forest. Midway through the woods, they came across a heap of bones. The wise-men exclaimed, "A Lion's bones!, Let's reconstruct it." One of them assembled the bones into a complete skeleton. The other one clad it in flesh and skin. Now the third one said that he could bring the lion back to life. Hearing that, the idiot exclaimed, " Are you crazy, the thing will eat us all when comes to life."

The wise men just laughed at him. The idiot begged them to wait until he climbed a tree. As soon as the idiot climbed the tree, last of the wise put life into the lion...

...And the idiot survived to witness the end of wisdom n wits.

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