Friday, August 06, 2010


True to the name, a dirty, sly game is being played with common man's wealth.

By the way, it is shameful that we still endorse to imperialism and colonialism by continuing our membership with the CW club. It is nothing more than a rude reminder of the sovereignty of one nation over the other member states once upon a time. A confession, worth disclosing only to a priest. 
The organization stinks and sucks, so do the games.


kapil loves u said...

just met harish Singhal from whom got this blog. Its nice just my feelings about CW.

If have time read my blog

sudkjain said...

Hi Kapil, thanks for your response. Going thru yr work. Thanks/ b rgds

kapil loves u said...

News; PM orders probe into CWG by 'his own GOM'

The news actually says; Mr Kalmadi share The Loot with your colleagues and fellow congress GOM to make it truly Congress Wealth Gain.