Tuesday, January 19, 2010

TERI maa ki...

After basking in sun and glory for long, Mr. Pachauri and his TERI, 'The Energy Research Institute', have come under rapid fire of frozen balls as 'brass monkey weather' prevails in entire Northern Hemisphere.

TERI's belief of global warming causing disappearance of ice on the 'mother' earth, which snowballed into a faith and a huge movement, has been whitewashed (momentarily) by the prolonged spell of snowfall this winter. To add to the cry, Mr Pachauri's conduct and lavish life style is not jelling to the group's preaching. True, It needs a Mahatma to lead a massive campaign of this order.

The worldwide criticism and rebuke that Mr. Pachauri is weathering is harsher than the winter itself as it is too early to rubbish the global warming funda and all that ho-halla at Copenhagen. Warming or no warming, the consumer base is expanding at an alarming rate and if we don't mend our ways, a day would come when 'survival of the fittest' will become order of the day. Sentimental words like love, charity, pity, benevolence etc will disappear from oxford dictionary. There will be just hate and fear n the law of the wild like we have in Haiti these days.

But for now, the 'Yes Brigade' is having a laugh and spewing heat on Pachauri and his $1200 suit, which is just too much for the poor delicate fabric to handle.

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