Sunday, September 13, 2009

Do You Earn It?

Wife called him 'Sergeant' and kids addressed him 'Sergeant ji'. If any of his friends called out 'Ram' (his real name), he would be irked and would instantaneously counter with the amendment.

The behaviour surprised many. They thought 'Ram' was a godly name and how a person could have objection to such a heavenly name.

His old father came along one day and called him by his name. As usual the sergeant tendered the correction. Like many others, his father was not surprised but was shocked by this sudden metaphor. The old dandy was reluctant to post at the changed address.

The perplexed father questioned his son's title fetish.The sergeant replied, "This I earned for myself. That you gave me, and I prefer to keep what I earn. So you better call me Sergeant."

The old man thought for a while and gave a cold reply, "OK Sergeant, I think, I don't have much time left on me and I brought this will for you, but now I need to change it, cause you don't earn it."

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Capt A Shukla said...

Very well said- very true and