Thursday, July 02, 2009

Sex No Bar

Delhi high court has decriminalized massacre of pin worms, oops, I mean homosexuality.

I see it as the first step to decriminalize Indian politics. Legalise all crimes and politics will automatically be decriminalized. Simple! Great thinking.

And also, an answer to India's growing population as runaway sperms are bound to hit the heap of shit and get wasted.

Congratulation my countrymen, your better halve may have similar pol(e)arity. More options available to you now for matrimony with ' sex no bar'.


Rajeev Gambhir said...

Same sex affection like many other individual preferences has been around for times unknown. Changing social biases have from time to time encouraged or condemned selectively a few of these, with LGBT orientations getting on the wrong side of society norms. So here we had so called straight individuals trying to form a collective opinion as socially accepted norms against others who were not "straight". Encouraged by non-opposition and dissapointed by the fact that they could not thumb down these queer individuals, these social norms were drafted into laws, condemning a section of the very society as criminals. Todays Judgment only tries to reverse the second development that was enacted as a law in 1860. What will it need to reverse the social non-acceptance? Going by your blog, I suppose we have a long way to go.

sudkjain said...

With advent of civilization, human psychology has been deviating from the natural course. Today, the human behaviour is much more complex, twisted and ugly than it ever was.

I don't see the need to undo the law, when there are much more serious issues remain unaddressed.

This is nothing but cheap publicity stunt from our defunct courts.