Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day - 22nd April

We live in a world where randomness and disorder are the order of the day. Principle of maximum entropy prevails. Energy and matter both seek inertial uniformity.

Any kind of bias is highly instable. Bias builds up potential difference, which instantaneously sets up motion, resulting in high entropy or randomness making the system stable.

Human race, by nature is biased, prejudiced and order loving. On the whole, a highly unstable package. Our alignment has wasted many of us in the past and will ultimately wipe the whole species out of the face of this earth someday.

On this day, we must pledge for a non aligned existence. There is beauty, peace and stability in diversity. Nobody is perfect in this world and as a cocktail we make a perfect drink that alone can give a perpetual High.

We will have to change our mindset to perceive order in disorder. That's what modern art is all about.There is a comfy butt place anywhere and everywhere, you just gotta shake those buns and adjust. Love thy neighbour but say no to brotherhood.

Desire spells disaster. Resign to the uncertainty. Long live Earth and all...

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