Saturday, February 03, 2007

Making Of A Picture

The man on right was wandering aimlessly when he saw a settee in the green frame. Think he was sort of tired and wanted to rest for a while, so he stepped inside and sat in the middle with both legs up. Before he could regain his full composure, the woman on left pushed him aside and acquired most of the settee. The tussle between the two was on for the possession of larger share. In this ado, the boy in middle gave them a sweet surprise and secured his place with a cry. While fine adjustments were in progress, they all were surprised by yet another visitor, who also became a part of this picture. Finally, they all found their butt place within the limits of the green frame. But life is to change. After few years, flankers will make way for new entries and so the picture will keep changing with time...

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